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Your data is in safe hands with our Managed Data, Managed Cloud and Support Services

Achieve business success with Customisable Managed IT Services at Simpson Associates. Our Managed Services are designed to remove the daily pressure on you and your workforce so that you can concentrate on what matters most: growing your business.

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Simpson Associates can help your organisation to harness the power of your data with our vast experience spanning a rich business pedigree, combined with an extensive partner network, including Microsoft Gold and IBM Gold Business partner status, along with Board and Information Builders. We are the partner of choice for all of your Managed Services needs.

Our team of data experts are all based in the UK and are on hand to ensure that you and your team receive the right support and cover for your business. Our sharp focus on the needs and values of our customers has allowed us to build long term partnerships that challenge the status quo of traditional business relationships. To our customers, we are trusted advisors; we are valued team members; we are practical support. As part of our Managed Services solution, we have invested heavily in the training and development of a highly skilled and committed team who consistently strive to deliver quality services to our customers.

Through times of hardship, our Managed Services are here to support your organisation.

Whilst businesses across the country must endure this unquestionably and unpredictably difficult time, we at Simpson Associates understand that you may need some short term critical support to help you, your team and your business through this period. With our Managed Services, we can provide some much-needed support, which is tailored to your business to offer you an improved, functional way for you to meet the short-term requirements for your organisation. Whether to alleviate pressure on you and your team, or to allow you the opportunity to focus on what matters most; if you think you could benefit from our Managed Services offerings, please do not hesitate to get in touch. In these times of uncertainty, our team is ready to support you.

Simpson Associates Managed Services

Our Managed Services offer a safe space for your data. Our team of trained experts will be ready to support you with data management, cloud storage management, and other support services to relieve the stress on you and your team.

Peace of Mind

Our Managed Services offers you a team of data experts who are highly skilled to ensure that we have your systems covered. Whether it be business as usual or a workplace crisis, our team is ready to support you through it all.

Technical Expertise

We have over 25 years of experience in the data analytics and data management field. Our expert team specialise in Microsoft, IBM and Board technologies, so your business doesn’t have to. Instead you can continue to concentrate on business growth, while we focus on managing your IT services.

Always on Remote Monitoring Service

With our Always On Remote Monitoring Service, you can rest easy knowing you have expert cover for your critical systems, enabling us to fix issues before they arise. Our Managed Systems help you eliminate the stress of technical issues before they can affect your team.

Customisable Managed Services

Discover our range of services, which span everything from traditional support models right the way through to complete Software-as-a-Service delivery of your Data requirements. These can all be tailored to meet your individual business requirements.

Vendor Support – We still continue to provide vendor support as we always have done for product lines including IBM Cognos.

Find the perfect package for your business today

Simpsons Support

Our support offering

Choose Simpson Support. Our entry-level support offering for businesses that are looking for assistance on your IBM and Microsoft Products and Application Support.

Our friendly and helpful UK team is contactable by phone, email or via our online portal and you can rest assured that your problem will be dealt with quickly with our responsive service-level agreements.

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Simpsons Managed

Our Managed Services offering

Your business’s data is in safe hands with Simpsons Managed. Our Fully Managed Service gives you support and management of your business-critical systems, including continuous monitoring and optimisation, inclusive support, annual strategic reviews and access to our data experts, amongst many more.

Benefit from industry-leading support and management, while removing the need and costs to upskilling expensive IT professionals in the ever-changing world of data analytics and data management. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your bespoke business needs.

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Simpsons Managed Cloud

Our Managed Cloud offering

Remove the daily stress and the associated costs of managing your cloud management and infrastructure with Simpsons Managed Cloud. We will take care of it all, from continuous monitoring and optimisation, to complete environment management, and access to skilled Data Analytics and Data Management specialists.

Get in touch and discover how your organisation will benefit from a complete Managed Cloud service today.

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Managed Services

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