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As a BOARD MIT partner, we provide our customers with the ability to build any Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management application - in one product.

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Promotional Planning

BOARD MIT brings digital transformation to many organisational processes, as well as strategic and operative planning to data analysis. We enable you to analyse, simulate, and predict the financial, operational, and logistical impact of a promotion quickly and visually, so that your organisation can make better informed decisions.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting is important to decision-makers in any organisation to support business-critical decision making. The accuracy and timely production of these budgets, plans, and forecasts is imperative to allow your organisation to get more from your data and drive revenue.

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Resource Planning

Resource planning provides organisations with the ability to understand, influence, and interrogate their payroll costs. For many of our customers, payroll forms a significant proportion of their overall cost. Small changes can have a significant impact on profitability, and the ability to understand and model these changes is important.

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Understanding the financial, operational, and logistical impact of a promotion is one of the biggest challenges faced by many of our clients. Connecting the expected promotional volume to the monetary forecast, and the production and logistics plan can be critical to the smooth running of the operation. Accurate planning ensures reduced price, increased volume, increased variable cost and fixed costs are all considered and evaluated before committing to decisions.

By connecting demand and promotional planning with the financial planning module, your organisation can model its promotions before putting them into practice. This allows you to test volume, pricing, and product margin, including the impact of fixed costs to ensure the promotions you run are guaranteed to bring in a positive return on investment. The actual performance of promotions can then be tracked against the plan in a timely manner, to enable your business to respond. Analysis of previous promotional performance can be used to improve the accuracy of future promotions.

Scenario planning is often incorporated as part of the solution. The ability to model and compare variations, in price, product, or volume, allows your management team to understand the impact of these changes. Scenario planning may be in the form of sensitivity analysis, or specific known scenarios that require modelling. The application will allow for the scenarios to be captured and compared, and the potential responses to be evaluated.

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Simpson Associates has worked with many organisations, whose reporting relied on a complex and manually intensive spreadsheet processes. All of which spent ridiculous amounts of time maintaining manual spreadsheet-based processes, collecting, consolidating, and validating data. This often left expensive finance professionals unable to deliver plans, budgets, forecasts, reports and value-added analysis due to a lack of time. The result: forecasts submitted without the required level of scrutiny and verification.

We have been able to demonstrate process efficiencies and provide a clear line of sight, to understand and guide business performance for many of our customers. Reducing the manual nature of many current planning processes results in greater accuracy and more time for analysis. And in many cases, for “scenario planning” capability; all providing greater control and insight.

By helping many organisations drive decision-making processes across the entire business, we have enabled Finance Teams to easily create unified analysis, planning, forecasting and simulation models – with minimal IT support.

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Resource planning, otherwise known as headcount and payroll planning, can be driven through strategic assumptions combined with detailed local assumptions at employee or role level.

Simpson Associates’ services include the development of bespoke payroll applications integrated with source payroll software, enabling both the forecasting of expected costs and the reporting of actuals. The planning application can be built to the appropriate level of detail that is right for your organisation and can incorporate the complexities of split cost centre allocations, maternity leave, temporary staff, vacancies, redundancies, headcount statistics, pensions, national insurance thresholds and role changes.

As one of the most experienced BOARD Software consultancies in the UK, Simpson Associates can work with your organisation on its journey to implement BOARD MIT resource planning. Our team of experts can work with your business and show you how to help manage and control the entire decision-making process: from data collection to information analysis; from goal setting to decision-making; from operational execution to results monitoring.

Featured Case Study: Telegraph Media Group
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