Student Insight Engagement Retention Analytics

Higher education is increasingly under pressure to improve the success of their students.

The SIERA Hub can help students to achieve an academic edge, improve retention, gain higher grades and ultimately become an employer’s top choice.

Imagine if you could proactively identify students needing additional support and provide them with the resources necessary to improve performance. The SIERA Hub enables university personnel to gain better insight around student engagement, compare students against their cohorts and raise interventions. The SIERA HUB really is a one-stop shop for all your learner analytical needs.

The SIERA Hub by Simpson Associates

  • Uses descriptive and predictive analytics to give tutors and administrators a way to measure and monitor student performance.
  • Aggregates multiple types of student data, such as attendance, VLE access and social factors.
  • Uses machine learning to monitor for indications of risk.
  • Enables institutions to gain better insight around their students’ needs and behavior, whilst improving students’ academic experience.

Student Excellence

  • Improve student engagement
  • Provide cohort comparisons
  • Improve achievement
  • Improve student experience


Institutional Delivery

  • Manage intervention for students
  • Improve the quality of decisions
  • Perform a wider variety of analysis
  • Streamline student support


Institutional insight

  • Identify underperforming students
  • Reduce reporting time
  • Identify students at risk
  • Student engagement score
  • Improve student retention
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