IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001-00

The IBM® PureData™ System for Analytics N3001-001 brings the power and simplicity of Netezza technology to small and midsize organizations for big outcomes. Available as a rack mountable appliance, the N3001-001 is a high-performance, massively parallel processing system that helps you gain insight into your growing data volumes. It is a patented solution built to simplify operations and increase the performance of business analytics. The system is designed specifically to run complex analytics on terabyte data volumes, orders-of- magnitude faster than traditional custom systems.

The IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001-001, along with the entire IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001 appliance family, promotes high performance based on its unique asymmetric massively parallel processing architecture that combines with IBM Netezza data filtering. This combination delivers fast query performance on analytic workloads in close support of your business intelligence and data warehouse users. This appliance family requires minimal ongoing administration or tuning, while allowing customers to realize a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Features are delivered with the same simplicity and ease-of-use that have always distinguished the IBM PureData System for Analytics product family. Based on Netezza technology, the IBM PureData System for Analytics is designed to deliver simplicity, ease-of-development and rapid deployment, and delivers high performance automatically with no data modeling, indexing or tuning required.

As an appliance, the integration of hardware, software, and storage is done for you, leading to shorter deployment cycles and exceptional time to value for business intelligence and analytic initiatives. The appliance is delivered ready-to-go for immediate data loading and query execution, and integrates with leading extract, transform, and load (ETL), business intelligence, and analytic applications through standard ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB interfaces.

IBM PureData System for Analytics is architected for high availability from the ground up. All components are internally redundant for a robust, production-ready environment from the moment the appliance is installed, rack mountable, into your data center. The N3001-001 is different from the N3001 appliance family, in using software and server processing to emulate Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) data filtering functionality.


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