Course Content

This course will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the functionality available in IBM Cognos Query Studio.
This instructor-led course show participants how to create, modify and organise ad-hoc reports. The course covers how to use different report capabilities, how to graphically display the data and how to create reports with a consistent look and feel through the use of templates.

Course Modules

1: Introduction to Cognos Connection

  • Examine Cognos Connection.
  • Set Cognos 8 preferences.
  • Examine objects in Cognos Connection.
  • Customise Cognos Connection.

2: Introduction to Query Studio

  • Examine Query Studio.
  • Open ad hoc reports.
  • Add data to ad hoc reports.
  • Examine report types.
  • Examine charting.

3: Create reports in Query Studio

  • Create list, grouped list and crosstab reports.
  • Display data graphically with charts.
  • Filter data in reports.
  • Use prompts to specify filter criteria.
  • Create custom groups.
  • Format data.
  • Calculate and sort report data.

4: Changing the Appearance of Reports

  • Apply a template.
  • Format text and data.
  • Format borders.
  • Collapse a report.
  • Change the report item name.

5: Changing the Appearance of Reports (continued)

  • Swap rows and columns.
  • Specify the rows per page.
  • Highlight key information.
  • Set page breaks.

6: Explore and modify reports in Query Studio

  • Run a report in Query Studio.
  • Explore run options.
  • Render reports in HTML, PDF and CSV format.
  • Format report elements.
  • Create report views.
  • View output reports.

7: Administer reports in Cognos Connection

  • View the run history of reports.
  • Save ad hoc reports to a publicly accessible location.
  • Distribute ad hoc reports by email.
  • Print ad hoc reports.
  • Schedule ad hoc reports.
  • 7: Administer reports in Cognos Connection

“A wonderful course the trainer was amazing at answering any queries. She was extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend it.”

Priyanka Patel
Student Systems Development Office, University of Sussex

Who should attend?

End users who want to learn how to create, modify and organise ad-hoc reports.


  • Experience using basic Windows functionality.
  • Experience using a Web browser.


One day


Simpson Associates Customer Centre/ Customer Location


**Cost is subject to courses being run in our Azure environment. Preconfigured laptops are available for £350.

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