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This instructor-led series of workshops teaches the key points of modelling your data in Framework Manager. In this intensive day through hands-on workshops, attendees will learn how to use best practice when building packages over star-schema data. Starting with the basics of navigating your way around Framework Manager it moves on to show how to model your data relationally and dimensionally. The latter workshops cover differing ways of handling security in your packages.

Course Modules

  • Workshop 1: Identify Components and Reporting Objects in Framework Manager
  • Workshop 2: Create a project (star schema data).
  • Workshop 3: Change query item properties, add modelling layer and relationships (star schema data).
  • Workshop 4: Customise metadata at run time: Create calculations.
  • Workshop 5: Adding alias tables (bringing one table in more than once).
  • Workshop 6: Add an extra fact table with a different level of granularity (to show how determinants can fix).
  • Workshop 7: Create a relational presentation layer.
  • Workshop 8: Create a dimensional layer.
  • Workshop 9: Specify package access in Framework Manager.
  • Workshop 10: Specify object security.
  • Workshop 11: Row level security.

“A wonderful course the trainer was amazing at answering any queries.She was extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend it.”

Priyanka Patel
Student Systems Development Office, University of Sussex

Who should attend?

This is an intermediate course which is intended for developers who want to design metadata models.

Knowledge of common industry standard data structures and design.


Knowledge of common industry standard data structures and design.


One day


Simpson Associates Customer Centre/ Customer Location



*Cost is subject to courses being run in our Azure environment. Preconfigured laptops are available for £350.

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