IBM Cognos Analytics Webinar

By now you may have heard about the widely anticipated release of IBM Cognos Analytics, otherwise known as Cognos BI Version 11. But while there has been a lot of marketing preceding this release, many of our customers are still asking us the question, “What is Cognos Analytics and is it relevant to us now?”

This webinar we will provide a perspective on Cognos Analytics and its exciting new functionality and design. With Cognos Analytics only recently being released, this webinar is the perfect way to get a better understanding of the product and how it may be applicable to your business or institution. The webinar will showcase:-

  •     A web-based experience that is consistent across all devices, on- or off-line
  •     A redesigned interface improving how you and your team interact with analytics, accelerating the time to insight.
  •     Built-in intelligence that interprets your intent, guiding how you work with your data for a more comprehensive analysis and professional reporting.
  •     New reporting and self service dashboard generation
  •     New data modelling functions
  •     User interaction and new report distribution processes
  •     Licence options and upgrade paths.
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