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This course provides participants with a thorough understanding of the fundamental components of the BOARD Management Information tool kit.

The training course adopts a scenario of a retail business constructing a financial planning model for budgeting and forecasting purposes. Run over three days the course will consist of:

Course Modules

Day 1 – Revenue Planning and Databases

  • Day one sees the introduction to BOARD, explaining the Database and Capsule sections, along with an introduction to each object.
  • The first exercise creates the database that is used to store various BOARD objects for the rest of the training course, along with setting the time range to be used throughout the model.
  • The remaining exercises will cover creating entities, data readers, infocubes, a capsule, dataviews and some simple procedures, as part of the Revenue Planning section.

Day 2 – Payroll & Overheads

  • Day two gives further exercises to practise building BOARD objects introduced in day one as part of creating the Payroll and Overheads models.
  • Relationships between entities will be explained, which allow aggregation.
  • Some more advanced procedures will be created to produce monthly values from annual payroll value inputs, by creating calculations that use information entered into another infocube, along with the use of profiles to proportion annual values across time periods.

Day 3 – Profit & Loss, Security, Excel Add-in & Charts

  • Day three sees the construction of the Profit & Loss report and data transfer between the Revenue, Payroll and Overheads models.
  • The remaining time will be spent showing you how to;
  • Apply various levels of security within BOARD.
  • Use the workflow process to check which parts of the process have been completed to date.
  • Use the Microsoft Excel add in to access data stored in a BOARD database.
  • Create and format a wide variety of graphs and charts.

“The course was adaptable to allow excellent benefits to all of our delegates. It was definitely worthwhile and will be very relevant to our work. ”

Ian Meek
Head of Finance, Brenntag

Who should attend?

This course is intended for business and technical users who wish to analyse data using BOARD Management Information Technology.


Three days


Simpson Associates Customer Centre/ Customer Location


*Cost is subject to courses being run in our Azure environment. Preconfigured laptops are available for £350.

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