BOARD MIT Software Consultancy

BOARD MIT Software Consultancy

Winning companies are those that make the best decisions and implement them in the shortest timeframes, by aligning strategy with operations and providing relevant and timely information to every organisational level.  

In today’s fast-paced, data-rich business environment, making fast, effective decisions requires perfect integration between interactive reporting, planning, forecasting, and advanced analytics – something which point solutions are unable to deliver. 


Unifying Business Intelligence (BI), Predictive Analytics, and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) functionality in a single platform, Board offers a unique approach to decision making, driving visibility and efficiency from strategy down to operational execution. Thanks to its drag-and-drop, no coding approach, Board enables the self-service creation and customisation of analytical and planning solutions which perfectly fit business needs across every department.  

As one of the most experienced Board Software consultancies in the UK, Simpson Associates can work with your organisation on its journey to implement Board. 

BOARD MIT Software Training

This course provides participants with a thorough understanding of the fundamental components of the BOARD Management Information tool kit.

The training course adopts a scenario of a retail business constructing a financial planning model for budgeting and forecasting purposes. Run over three days the course will consist of:

Day 1 – Revenue Planning and Databases

  • Day one sees the introduction to BOARD, explaining the Database and Capsule sections, along with an introduction to each object.
  • The first exercise creates the database that is used to store various BOARD objects for the rest of the training course, along with setting the time range to be used throughout the model.
  • The remaining exercises will cover creating entities, data readers, infocubes, a capsule, dataviews and some simple procedures, as part of the Revenue Planning section.

Day 2 – Payroll & Overheads

  • Day two gives further exercises to practise building BOARD objects introduced in day one as part of creating the Payroll and Overheads models.
  • Relationships between entities will be explained, which allow aggregation.
  • Some more advanced procedures will be created to produce monthly values from annual payroll value inputs, by creating calculations that use information entered into another infocube, along with the use of profiles to proportion annual values across time periods.

Day 3 – Profit & Loss, Security, Excel Add-in & Charts

  • Day three and four sees the construction of the Profit & Loss report and data transfer between the Revenue, Payroll and Overheads models.
  • The remaining time will be spent showing you how to;
  • Apply various levels of security within BOARD.
  • Use the workflow process to check which parts of the process have been completed to date.
  • Use the Microsoft Excel add in to access data stored in a BOARD database.
  • Create and format a wide variety of graphs and charts.

To find out more and book one of our BOARD Software Training courses, please contact Paul Agnew on

“The course was adaptable to allow excellent benefits to all of our delegates. It was definitely worthwhile and will be very relevant to our work. ”
Ian Meek - Head of Finance, Brenntag


  • Speed - HBMP in-memory technology, toolkit, data-fast track, dynamic data models: every BOARD component has been designed to ensure maximum speed of development and high performance
  • Ease of use - A self-service data-discovery environment enables users to easily search for information, interact intuitively with their data, and perform in-depth analyses with the utmost simplicity.
  • User Self-sufficiency - The programming-free approach empowers business users to rapidly develop and maintain sophisticated analytical and planning applications with minimal IT Support.
  • All-in-One - BOARD is the only software platform that seamlessly unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Analytics and Data Discovery in a single product.
  • TCO - BOARD toolkit approach delivers unrivalled agility in application building, customization and maintenance, offering a “Total Cost of Ownership” that is unachievable with traditional solutions.

Support from Simpson Associates

As one of the most experienced BOARD Software consultancies in the UK, Simpson Associates, have the necessary skills and experience to help you understand, implement and support BOARD. Contact us to discuss your current requirement or book a demonstration.

“The way Simpsons did the knowledge transfer was almost subliminal. We came to the end of phase one and we realised we could build our own reports and process without any assistance. Without even realising it we had managed to learn how to build BOARD. For us that was important as we like to take ownership of a product so that if we want to develop it further we can do."
Kathryn Frosdick Project Manager and Group Accountant, Brenntag
Darren Moors
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